Exchange 5.5 mail encryption

Could some give me so info about what is involved in setting up mail encryption and the pros and cons of doing such.
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TooKoolKrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Configuring Microsoft Outlook to Use Encrypted RPCs
Microsoft Outlook computers and Microsoft Exchange Server computers communicate using Windows NT Server RPCs. To increase the security of data communication between clients and servers, Exchange enables users to take advantage of the built-in RPC security feature called encrypted RPC. Encrypted RPC uses a 40-bit RSA algorithm called RC4 to encrypt data while it is on the network. If both client and server computers have Service Pack 2 or later of the Windows NT 4.0 North American version installed, the RPC encryption strength is increased to 128-bit. Outlook can be configured to use encrypted RPC so communication between clients and servers is secure and no one can tamper with messages during transit.
Encrypting RPCs is different from encrypting a message using advanced security, it provides protection for data only while it travels from point to point on the network. A message encrypted using advanced security is protected until the recipient decrypts it using the client, regardless of how many hops are used during delivery. Encrypted RPCs provide increased security for messages sent on internal networks, as well as to outside organizations, for example, on the Internet.
To configure encrypted RPCs
 1.      On the Tools menu in Microsoft Outlook, click Services.
 2.      In the list of information services, select Microsoft Exchange Server, and then click Properties.
 3.      Click the Advanced tab.
 4.      Under Encrypt information, select both check boxes to encrypt all client/server communication.
You can use PGP to encrypt internet mail, lists a few sources. You give your public key out freely, people encrypt with it but the message is only decodable with your private key. you can use these add-ons to encrypt on Exchange or outlook or even encrypt word documents before they get to outlook.

If it is just for internal mail the site connector encrypts anyway as it uses secure RPCs.

Whoever you send to and recieve from needs a pgp addon but they are available for most platforms.

The only downside is that usa gets 128 bit encryption, rest of world only gets 40 or 56 bit which can be cracked with a fast enough computer. Encryption may be illegal in your country or you might have to give a copy of the private key to government.
Are you trying to implement this for yourself or all users in the site?

Are you the Exchange Administrator?
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If you want encryption between your exchange users, then this is can be natively implemented.  If between organisations this takes a bit more work.  

Or do you want this to occur between anyone and anyone.

Tell us more and we'll supply the info.

Andy, if your read the response b4 I do, there are some whitepapers on how to implement this.
vmoralesAuthor Commented:
I have a small wide are network with 1 exchange server and clients are using outlook.


1. To encrypt messages within the site.
2. encrypt messages to and from the internet.

Please be somewhat specific about what is involved and if there are any cost.

If you feel this is worth more points, I will gladly increase them.

vmoralesAuthor Commented:
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