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I have a form on my site that the user has to fill out and submit. I am using the following method:

<form method=POST action=""
      enctype="text/plain" >

This only works for Netscape. Is there a simple way like this that also works for AOL and IE? Also, is there anyway to make the e-mail secure? (i.e eliminate the security warning that pops up)
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potentConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a FORM you should have no trouble with, in an Browser:

<FORM ACTION=" Reply Form" METHOD="POST" ENCTYPE="text/plain">
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Name" VALUE="">
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Email" VALUE="">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear">

To remove the Security Warning, you need to use https (requires Secure Socket Layer with your Web Host) or to use a script like CGI/Perl in the ACTION statement (requires CGI access with your Web Host).

If you do not have CGI access and still want to get rid of the Security Warning, try a place like and see what you think.

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