Gdi.exe cannot load error

A friend of mine is trying to start WINDOWS 3.1.1 and gets the error loading gdi.exe.  We tried copying a new gdi.exe to the system and windows directories from my WINDOWS 95 system because it is not on his system anymore.  Any help would be apprectiated... thanks!!!!!
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try reloading the video drivers for the system.
The GDI.EXE from Win95 will not work in Win 3.11.You'll have to find the Win 3.11 version (220,800 bytes,dated 11-11-93) and put it in \Windows\System.Don't forget to delete that second copy of Win95's GDI.EXE in \Windows.
Windows 95 and Windows 311 are two different things...Win311 is an operating "environment", Win95 is an operating system itself.

Also...w311 is a 16-bit version, win95 is also a 16-bit OS, but it can also support 32-bit applications. You cannot just simply copy things from W95 and expect it to run on W311, coz they may not be compatible; for example W95 uses the Registry extensively; the only registry files in W311 are Win.ini and System.ini. So if the applications also use the W95 registry, you would not be able to run them on W311. And you cannot just "export" the files from W95 to W311, especially the kernel files; like the gdi.exe (the graphics kernel)

You'll have to install W95 properly. Just copy the CAB files from Win95 Directory from the CD-ROM and run setup. Hope this helps! Good Luck

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