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What cheats are there for Sim City 2000 which work for Windows 98?
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SergConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is what I found not sure if they will work on 98 but try anyway.
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For easy access to $1,000,000 follow these steps:

When the box says "Loan Out at 25%" push OK.
Do it again.
Go to the Budget View and push on the little paper next to Bonds.
Repay One Bond.
Take Out Another Bond.
Repay On Bond.
YOU'RE DONE! Do not touch the bonds for the rest of the game.

Submitted by Tim Barr
Cheat Codes
Enter these codes while playing.

CASS       Gain $400
BUDDAMUS   $500,000 dollars
IMACHEAT   $500,000 dollars
FUND       Issues a 25% bond
MRSOLEARY  Starts a fire
NOAH       Starts a flood
SODOM      Starts a fire storm
GOMORRAH   Nuclear meltdown
MOSES      Stops a flood
JOKE       Weird picture

Submitted by Philip Gorsky and
Debug Mode - Windows 3.x
While playing, highlight the toolbar and type "oivaizmir". You must enter this in lowercase, so make sure your Caps Lock is off. If you do this correctly a new menu entry called DEBUG will appear. From here you can get free money, all the technology and gifts, and choose from more disasters.
Submitted by

Debug Mode - Windows 95
To enter debug mode in the Windows 95 version, type "PRISCILLA" while playing. Note that this code may only work in SimCity 2000 CD collection (the one that comes with SimCity 2000, the Urban Renewal Kit and Great Disasters.)
Submitted by

Easy Money without Cheating
Make sure your population is over 300,000, then build 100 churches in your city.
Submitted by

Eliminate SimCopter 1
Anyone who has built a successful airport in Sim City 2000 knows that SimCopter 1 can get annoying. To eliminate it, shut off disasters, then go to the icon bar and select the centering tool. These are now your official SimCity cross-hairs. Possition it over the unfortunate copter and press the left button on your mouse. This will take some practice, but it's funny when you hit 'em.
Submitted by

Good Clean Arcos
To lower the crime rate and raise the land value in your arcologies, simply build police staations and parks nearby. Also be sure to add power and water.
Submitted by EBE (

Magic Eraser
With the magic eraser, you are able to erase structures. But when you query on the blank tile, it still shows the structure! This is perfect for arcologies, because you can build over them, and the population remains! This is how you do it:

Select the "Tree/Water" icon on the toolbar, and choose trees.
Click and hold the mouse button over the part of the structure you want to erase.
Without releasing the mouse button, press and hold Shift
Without releasing the mouse button or the SHIFT key, drag the mouse over anything you wish to erase. The buildings will vanish, but the population will remain intact.

the above are all the cheats i've ever found!
These codes don't work on windows 98 but they will in windows 3.1 and windows 95
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