html and htm


 What is the difference between html and htm file extensions?
 Also, is there a way to get a website listed free on the search  engines, or if it costs money, does anyone know of a reliable  company that does it?

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messentaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the only difference between htm and html is the number of letters.  by rule, it is better to use the three letter extension, htm.  html can be used, but it is more used just to say the acronym, (Hyper Text Markup Language).  

As far as getting onto search engines, you can go to places like yahoo, excite, snap, and so on, and submit your URL for free.  Only if you want to get high up on the list do you need to spend some cash.  Try something like the demo version of submit wolf.  It will put your URL on 10 search engines.
rdfAuthor Commented:
thanks messentary

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