Frontpage VS Dreamweaver

Anyone have experience on both Frontpage & Dreamweaver?
How are they compare in the following area?
- Cross-platform/Browser compability
- Features & power
- easy to use

I considering to use frontpage because I will also use InterDev.
Is this a correct choice?
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I've use Front Page as my primary html editor for about two years.  I have been using DreamWeaver 2.1 for a few weeks now.  Dream Weaver Rules!  I have less problems with Browser compatibility. It has excellent documentation & HELP files, Slick site management (lots of features) , GREAT editor (lots lots more feature)!!! It's Fast!!!,  Probably harder to learn (but more fun to learn)  FrontPage May be a better choice if Interdev utilizes the FrontPage extensions in any useful way and Microsoft software works well with Microsoft software.  DreamWeaver though,is a superior program.  
Dreamweaver here.  Mostly because it doesn't add all the extra folders and extensions and the result can be uploaded with any FTP program without problem.
For price, Frontpage, for toys and prizes, Dreamweaver.

But to answer your question, Dreamweaver has much more Browser compatability ease, (remember, Frontpage is by Microsoft), features, Dreamweaver, ease of use, HomeSite 4.5 from Allaire...

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I agree with Mark that Dreamweaver is stronger on broswer compatability. Both are fairly easy to use, and Dreamweaver has more power than Frontpage.
However, I don't use either.
Frontpage tends to add extraneous tags that are not wanted nor needed.
Dreamweaver makes a mess out of previously existing code, so you'll have to go through by hand again and rearrange it so it's readable.

Fair warning. Other than that, both are reasonably good visual formatting software.
Just to back up what Brigid stated, I presently use Homesite and a product called CoffeeCup for html editing.  

I use a program called Professional File Editor, (Freeware) for scripting, but have started to use Homesite for this also... PFE is nice cause you can specify which program you want to use to test scripts, not just browsers, but debuggers, command shells, etc...

I have used both and ended up siding with Dreamweaver because it provided better capabilities (plus not every webserver that you may
host your site on will have frontpage extensions installed to use all the frontpage options)

Dreamweaver also has the best cross-browser capabilities plus
can integrate with Allaire's ColdFusion and Homesite.  You can't beat
that!!! :-)

I answered this same question for FREE in the FrontPage category...
- Cross-platform/Browser compability

first off u have to realize fronpage is only develped for one platform (at least to my knoweledge) whre n the other hand dreamweaver (dw from now on) is aslo awaible for mac os too :)

so much for  platform compatibility :)

- Features & power

if ur interested in features u can take a look at this url

its rougly comparions aobut only three products u should consider for using : that is dw, frontpage and golive

i for one am web designer, and use dw since its ealry beta verions. i like the control i have over code that dw makes.

one of the brightest side of frontpage is its exnesibility or connection with frontpage extension that run on dedicated web server.
those  web-server extensions offer some powerful features, and quick developtment... but than again its onw way road, u need to have those extensions installed on ur server...

- easy to use

when speaking about ease of use... dw was developed at same time for mac and windows.

that was, im my opinion, someting that aid dw designers to build dw's user inerface platform independant

dw uses lots of foleating pannels for quick control of contents

some talk much about how clutterd workspace can become with dw, but u have to realize all floating pannels are opend and closed with function buttons (F6, F7,.. and so on)

my favorite part is that i can edit code in one floating window and control plage layout in document vindow (where visual layout is created)

hm... that would be a quick answer :)

and my warm suggestion is to dl trial version of dw 3 and give it a try

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