CD Writers...Copying Games/Software...

I have tried many times to make backup copies of some of my Games/software.  Each time i try this the cd writer fails when trying to write a particular track.

Could the mfg's of the games be putting some bytes of data on the cd's to prevent copying ?

These bytes of data would cause the cd writers to fail !
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If you already have the games on CD why do you need to "back" them up? Sounds like youre wanting advice on how to pirate some software. This is not the appropriate forum to ask that type of question.
Yes most of the new games do come with protection on them so they cannot be copied. You can verify this by looking at the files in the root directory of the CD.  If there are some files that are named something like 12548968.tmp then you will not be able to copy it.


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jefftkAuthor Commented:
Thank you harley47!

By the way "rcloyd", i am not trying to "pirate" anything.  I have purchased a new cd writer and was learning how it worked.  I ran into this problem and was concerned that there might be a problem.  

You should not be so ready to accuse someone of a crime.
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