Performa 6400 crash

After a power failure, I was unable to boot up the system.  (Performa 6400 180, running (not running) v. 7.1.  Smiling face icon changes to picture of disk with question mark.  "Can't find hard drive."  How can I "find" the hard drive?
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Do you have the Boot disk that came with the computer (or any CD-Rom that has an OS on it)?  If so you can start up from the CD (holding down C-key at startup) and then see what damage is done to hard drive.

Might have to reinstall the OS.
Might have to reformat the HD.
Might have to replace HD.
Can't tell until you able to get the computer to fully start up.

Did you have system connected to surge protector?

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KIAAuthor Commented:
Surge protector, yes.
Found system CD.  Check HD damage using utilities?
Would it be worth pulling and reseating the drive card?
KIAAuthor Commented:
Thanks forkbeard.  I'm not a MAC user, just ran across this older machine.
Now you need to isolate the problem/damage to your computer.

Once you started up from CD can you see your Hard Drive?  Can you open it?  
If you can open the HD and everything seems to look ok, (ex.can open files and applications) I would reinstall the OS.

Then restart without system CD.
If it works, problem solved.
-Problem would be the OS was damaged.

If you can't find the HD or you can't open it or files/applications then problem with the HD.

First try to repair the HD with a 3rd party utility program (like Norton Utilities).  If this doesn't work you would need to reformat the HD in which case you would loose everthing on HD and start fresh.

If this doesn't work you may need to replace the HD.
Even if you reinstall the OS and everything seems to work again I would run a 3rd party utility like Norton just to be on safe side.  If you don't own any and plan to use your Mac regularly, I would definitely invest in a copy. Solves huge majority of problems.

If still have problems leave a comment.

Happy Mac-ing
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