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Need The Turbo C 3.0 Compiler

i'm a student and i've just started learning c/c++ using the
"Borland Turbo C (or C++) Version 3.0"
Does anyone can help me and tell me where can i find such a compiler on the net ? (free one)
I really need this....
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Turbo C V3.0 is now many years old and long gone.  Why does it have to be thig one?  Let me suggest learning C/C++ on a modern and still supperted compiler.  A really good free one for DOS is DJGPP which is a port of the GNU GCC to DOS.

Get it from:


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  If you are going to learn about Standard C++, turbo C++ or djgpp is not recommended ( since C++ standard is out, both compiler above stop developing and didn't support lots of standard syntax/feature). You could try GCC.

GCC --

Win32 port --

And if you still keen on turbo c, Borland has release turbo c 2.0 for free. Go search at www.borland.com

What are you talking about?

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  I have a long time not been DJGPP site, did it catch up with the current C++ standard? Djgpp seem stop its development arround Sep 1998.

  This is quote from djgpp FAQ:
"The core of DJGPP is the MS-DOS port of the GNU C/C++ compiler, GCC, and auxiliary utilities, such as assembler,
linker, librarian, Make, and a hypertext docs browser. The DJGPP C library was written specifically for DJGPP, mainly
by DJ Delorie himself, with help from a small group of volunteers.

  So, is DJGPP == GCC? Look at the description about the C library...
well... hope my comment did raise an arguement abt whether djgpp is gcc. I agree djgpp is a msdos port of GCC. My point is it is obsolete for current C++ standard. If RnS is going to learn all abt C++ standard, using STL...etc, why not use a more compliant to standard compiler? It would be frustrate when you found the code on the book won't compile, and you don't know what went wrong, the book, or the compiler?

jhance, your answer is correct to privide the alternative compiler than turbo c. I didn't mean RnS should reject you... :)

btw, I recommend "Thinking in C++" by Bruce Eckel to RnS. You could get it at http://www.BruceEckel.com
He was asking about Borland C++ V3.0.  Even the 1998 version of DJGPP would be a more current implementation than that.

>well... hope my comment did raise an
                      Oops. --> didn't

jhance, as I said, I didn't mean you are wrong... and I knew DJGPP would be more current impl..  

RnSAuthor Commented:
1st, i've just DL the DJGPP, and well, i must say it's very compliant to what i'm using in my class but since i'm new to C/C++ enviroment (until now i used only Visual Basic and it's Diferent !)
i think that the DJGPP isnt fine for me - or maybe i'm wrong - i hope you guys will have the answer coz this is what i'm gonna use this entire Semester.
Anyhow i just tried some basics programs as i learned in the class and the DJGPP didnt even recognize the "COUT" and "CIN" functions !!!
where am i going wrong ?!?
Hope you can help me out here ....
I notice yonkee offered the Version 2.0 of Borland C, should i use this Compiler rather that the DFGPP ?
btw: all those initials you are talking about is like chineese for someone new to this enviroment (GCC, DJGPP etc...)

  Since your class is teaching C++, you better forgot abt Turbo/Borland C++ version 2 or 3 (even 4.0). I only suggested that for you to learn about c language.
  There are lots of C/C++ compilers out there. GCC is one of them, which stand for GNU C/C++ compiler ( what's GNU?, go have a look at http://www.gnu.org/ ). It's free, open source  and keep development. GCC is developed under UNIX environment. There are ports to other platform. And DJGPP is its port to DOS, but it stop development since end of 1998. I am not sure whether djgpp handle iostream well, did you add the line "#include <iostream.h>" (without quote) in your source code?
  The C++ standard was finally out on Dec 1998. GCC is keep developing to be more compliant to standard. That's why I suggest you use the latest GCC to learn abt C++ (especially if you are using some C++ books which use the new syntax like "#include <iostream>".... and teach new features which only exist in latest standard.  "The C++ Programming Language" is one of the them)
   Btw, why not ask your lecturer's opinion since you are in a course.
I agree with Jhance. DJGPP is really fine compiler, it has full support C/C++, its site where updated some weeks ago ( www.delorie.com ), and there is the lersion of this compiler(1999), and it understand COUT and CIN.
Again, DJGPP is certainly closer to the present standards than Borland C++ V3.  Your best shot at finding a copy of BC V3 might be to scout some flea markets or whatever.
RnSAuthor Commented:
o.k ,by kamarey advise i'll take a look at the new Ver. of DJGPP (the one that support CIN COUT).
I've just asked my lecturer opinion and ironically he told me that the best Compiler available is the DJGPP ;-)
That sure makes jance proposed answer the rigth one.
Thanks alot for all of you.
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