Power supply troubles

when I set my atx power supply to 230W The system starts to power up, but just hangs before a ram check. My screen is black and I must reboot with the supply set to 115W. I dont think the problem is in the system, is there any way the power coming out of the wall could cause this problem, or does anybody else have any ideas?

Any help plz.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are you talking about????  The switch you are talking about has NOTHING TO DO what amount of power your system needs, it's the selection of input supply voltage.

If you live in the US/CANADA, set it to 115 _VOLTS_.  If you live in another place that uses 230 _VOLTS_ set it there.

You may have already damaged your system or power supply by setting this switch incorrectly and plugging it in.
Chances are your system is OK. Do as jhance says and set the *VOLTAGE SELECTOR* to the appropriate setting for your part of the world and then LEAVE IT ALONE! It was probably set to the correct setting by whoever built your system.

The powersupply's are designed to shut down and prevent damage to your computer in the event of a high line (230V input on the 115V setting) or low line (115V input on the 230V setting) condition.

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