Gantt Graphic in VB 6???

I want to make a Gantt's Graphic in Visual Basic 6, but the data will be given by the user on the execution of one form in my program, like an input in a text field, how i make this posible??, of course i want to display this graphic in another form. Please, describe me the process. Thanx.


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In your graph form declare your graph data public:

Public Data1 As Long
Public Data2 As Long

Private Sub Form_Load()
    'Use your data here to create graph
End Sub

In your data entry form assign the graph data to the textbox entries:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    frmGraph.Data1 = Val(Text1.Text)
    frmGraph.Data2 = Val(Text2.Text)
End Sub

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Alternatively, you could update the data dynamically using a function (method) in frmGraph:

'FrmGraph method
Public Sub UpdateGraph(Data1 As Long, Data2 As Long)
    'Update the graph with the new data values
End Sub

'frmEntry call
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    frmGraph.UpdateGraph Val(Text1.Text), Val(Text2.Text)
End Sub
piranhaAuthor Commented:
I want more details about how i use my data in my graph form to make a GANTT's graphic, please. look, my data will be given as hours expended in activities, for example:

How many hours do you need for
Activity 1: ______ <---Text Field
How many Hours do you need for
Activity 2: ______ <---Text Field

and with this i will make my Gantt's graphic, labeled in Y with the activities and labeled X with the hours,
ok, please, can you give me a more detailed explanation.

Are you drawing the chart yourself or using MSChart control?
piranhaAuthor Commented:
I think that MSChart don't have features for Gantt's Graphic, but i don't know, With MSChart can i make this kind of graphic??, if the answer is afirmattive, how can i make my Gantt's graphic using the details in the comment above yours; thank you very much for your help.

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