Windows 98 / Redhat 5.2

can someone tell me how to do a dual boot i have windows 98 installed and have a 27.5 gb hard drive and a 4.3 i want to install it on the 4.3 hard drive i need help please help em out
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uw110199Connect With a Mentor Commented:
hehe, sure,
1) Connect your 4.3 to the system, remember where all the hard drives are located,
 primary master: /dev/hda
 primary slave: /dev/hdb
 secondary master: /dev/hdc
 secondary slave: /dev/hdd
2) Install linux, as long as you do not touch the 27.5, you cant screw it up.

3) in the process of installing linux, after you copied all the files to the harddrive, you will be asked several questions, including setting up the LAN, making boot disk, and install lilo(which is understand as dual boot).

If you tried it you will know how straightforward it is.
tgkin24Author Commented:
i also want to leave the windows 98 alone too i am real stupid when it comes to lunix so please explain it the easy way for me
boot up into linux and edit /etc/lilo.conf following
the lilo.conf
just run "lilo" after edited lilo.con will make up the boot
section ..
dont worry u could screw it up, u can always boot up with windows 98 and type fdisk /mbr to clear it.

You can also use control panel in x-windows to configure it in GUI
tgkin24Author Commented:
please also note that i have no linux experince and linux is not installed i need to know how to setup it i still may award points
tgkin24Author Commented:
i have figured it out now how do i start xwindows i get the like dos prompt
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