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enum type position

Can I use an enumerated type without instantiating? For example, I would like to get the array position of each enumeration, and use the value directly.

For example, if I have the following enumerations:

enum WORDS {FM5075D, MT0012, MT0013, MT5005A, DS5041};

I would like to be able to do something like (or hopefully simpler!):

void loadheader(unsigned short rec_array[], unsigned short recordnum)
   enum WORDS w;

   write_bitrange(&rec_array[w.FM5075D],  04, 06, SUBSYS_DISCRIM);
   write_bitrange(&rec_array[w.MT0013], 00, 15, recordnum);

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In C enumerated type constants and integers are interchangable. So you can use an enum constant wherever you can use an integer constant. Here is your example with some minor corrections:

int loadheader(unsigned short rec_array[], unsigned short recordnum)
   enum WORDS w;

   write_bitrange(&rec_array[FM5075D], 04, 06, SUBSYS_DISCRIM);
   write_bitrange(&rec_array[MT0013], 00, 15, recordnum);

   return FILE_FOUND;

Note that you cannot give the same name to two different enum constants, even if they are part of different eum types. For example, the following is illegal:

enum FontStyle {BOLD,ITALIC,NONE};

since `NONE' is defined twice.

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lhgarrettAuthor Commented:
Excellently explained. Thanks!!!
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