layers? - non-scrolling background

i just saw a really cool thing at (yes i was bored).. when you scroll the page down, the background image stays where it is... i think this uses layer but im not sure. i looked at the code and its ... whoa... complicated. can someone explain how to do this with an example (basically i wanna know how to use layers, and specifically how to do this.) ive never used div tags before so bear with me :)

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If you want the background image stay where it is, just use bgproperties="fixed" in the body tag.
So like they do it at :

<BODY background="../images/nice1.gif" bgproperties="fixed" link=blue>

background="../images/nice1.gif" is the image and the bgproperties="fixed" of course that link=blue is not of any importance with this issue.


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OH, you want an example ?

<title> background fixed </title>

<body background="mypic.gif" bgproperties="fixed">

<center>scroll down and see what happens</center>
<center>The picture fixed on the background!</center>


The many <BR> tags are there to create a scrollbar. The <BR> tag is a break tag and outputs a hard return. Of course use an image you have instead of mypic.gif.

Note that this will only work in IE, not Netscape.
Yes, that's true, it's not possible to do so in Netscape. But you viewed also in IE (or else you wouldn't have seen that the background stays fixed), so this must work for you!

th_c_manAuthor Commented:
ok, thanx. sheesh! i thought it was gonna be a lot more complex than that! :)

thanx again
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