How to make Executable File In Access Database

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I have the my access database, i need to create the Executable file for my database. and i would like to distribute my database to my friends over network.

But i don't have right to install access to my friends machines.

Is this possible to access my database application in access without they have access software but if they have the executable file for my access database
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clockwatcherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to distribute your Access applications to users that don't own Access, you'll need to purchase the Office Developer's Edition (ODE).  It will create a distribution of your database and will include the necessary run-time components of Access that your end-users will need to run your application.

If you're talking about a network installation over a low-bandwith network, however, you and your friends will have to be a patient lot.  A distribution is going to run you at least 10 megs.
where we can get this ODE file
You can get the Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition from Microsoft sales and a variety of on-line software stores.  I'm not sure where you are physically so it is hard to tell you where to go locally.

The price runs about $400 and may be found discounted.  Try searching for it on the Web.

The ODE gives you a license to distribute the necessary files to a user and it makes registry entries to verify that it can run an MDE version of your application.

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