Replication Error during send/receive Internet mail

Hi Folks:
I have R5 installed on my PC.  I have a Account document set up to send/receive mail form my ISP directly.

The problem is if I accidentaly try to replicate while I am not connected to the ISP(to send/rcv Internet mail)I receive error "The remote server is not a known TCP/IP host".  This makes sense because there is no connection between my PC and the ISP.

However, if I connect to the ISP (after receiving this error), and try to replicate again, I receive the same error.
The replication error stays even if I shut down Notes, connect to the ISP, and start Notes again.

The only way to make replication work is to reboot my PC, start Lotus Notes, connect to the ISP, and then start replication.

I like to get rid of this error without rebooting the PC.

Thanks in advance.

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dalehendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are your settings?
Here is a way to get around the error msg as posted
in the discussion group at
BASICS section:
Location type- (Local Area Network)
Location Name - Internet

REPLICATION section: Enable & set the schedule to 2 minutes

MAIL section:
Mail System - cant remember if i chose Internet or Notes. but i switch between location documents
all the time so i dont think it really matters..
Mail Location - Local
Mail file - enter the .nsf name

Send outgoing mail = "directly to internet"
Enter your email address:
Username - the user name you log in to your ISP with to pick up your mail
Internet password - click window shade and enter that

ADVANCED section - no changes
Enter your POP and SMTP server names (, etc.)
idealAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
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