easy question for all you graphic experts

I need to stick to certain boundries
using graphic files.
size: 180 X 180 pixels
Max file size: 32K
My problem: I'm using GraphicConverter with my PowerMac. When I reduce my file size and save the file, the file appears larger in the Finder window. Actually quite a lot larger. For some reason my file sizes all seem to be 137K with doesn't do me any good.
My question is with standard ways can file sizes be reduced?
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jbrugmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In what format do you save the images?
If not in JPEG format, try it, and play with the quality / size.
A good image could be done at approx. 75 % compression in JPG.
When using indexed colors, try using gif or JPG.
JPG is more suitable for images at 16 m. colors (photo's)
Gif is more suitable for pictogram drawings in max. 256 colors.
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