ACCESS query so sloooowww ?

Hi, I am happy that FP2k offers this convenient way to put databases on the server. I am hosted by an ISP who uses the FP2k extensions and ASP.
The data connection is set up online by FP(not as a machine datasource).
When I add a page that shows just a little table and 30 rows, it takes 30-60 seconds, until it has built up.
The recordset is based on a query within the mdb.
Do you have any idea, what to change in order to speed things up ?
People will click on CLOSE before they see my table !
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Is there a URL so we can check this out?

This very well could be a problem on the ISP side.  Speed is relative, but 30-60 seconds is hardly a horrible delay over the internet...I have a very fast connection, yet locationg a page and getting it to start loading can tak 15 - 30 seconds, depending on net traffic, etc.

Show me where, and I'll see what I can find out from the page.

vbklausAuthor Commented:
Hi Rod,
 there is a database on
which I find beeing too slow.
Would be great, if you can check it !
- Klaus
Well it is in another country and only took 3-7 seconds (average was 4 secs.) to load...not very bad really.  I have cable modem which is very fast and was using a P233 MMX w/128 Mb RAM, Win98 and IE 4.01 SR 2.  (Mention that because there is some client side processing here so what machine may make a difference as would the connection speed.)

I would just add a please wait...loading data message.  Or, you could loose the web-bots and rewrite the page as straight asp.  If you have Access2000 it will write the asp code for you and you can just cut and paste into your page.

How do you check?  Are you using a dial-up?  What speed.  What processor?


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vbklausAuthor Commented:
I don't really know what to say...I used a P2-300 w 256KB RAM and NT 4.0 SP5 IE5.0 , dialup connection ISDN 64k. I tested it for several days.
I retried now at home and it still took about 20-30 sec. (P3-450, 128, NT4, ISDN).
The ISP's servers are in Germany !
OK, but how could I add a 'please wait' message until the page is loaded ?
I will also try to use ACCESS instead of WEBBOTS ! Thanks, I was not aware of that possibility.
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