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restricting permissions to the user's

i have several users to my server, i want that the users should be only and only be confined to there home's i.e $USER/HOME" any command for out of their home should result in an access denied message. i hade done it but how i have forgotten.
i do not want to explicitly give permissions to other directories in my "/". but to chage the user's access for all users at a time.
1 Solution
1.Give the user restricted shell(rbash)
2.do not give execute permission to cd command
tiwariAuthor Commented:
Sorry! it can't be accepted due to following reasons.

1.I don't want something like "rbash"
2) the "cd" is a tcl builtin command that cannot be disabled without recomliing so it is out of the question
thanks any way but could use some more ideas
Why don't use some kind of "special shell" you made, where you change the root (chroot)...
the new root could be in each users directory...
and to avoid multiplicity, the bin, lib, etc... could be slinks.

By this way, they just have access to their home... and the linked subdirs... nothing else...

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tiwariAuthor Commented:
Can I get any kind of help in Writting My own Small shell!!?????
There is a more or less full example in "Advnced Programming for the unix environnment" written by Richard Stevens.

It's easy, all you need, is to know how to use:  execv, signals... and of course chroot.... in the execv, after chroot, you execute the normal shell but this one will run on the limited space (a shell script may do the same, but I thik it;s more secure to use a compiled code...)

What the hell kind of answer is that?  If he wanted to buy a book on it he would have.  If you know the answer why don't you explain how to do it?

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