retreiving email from another HD

I had to reformat a HD and reinstall everything. [Yes, it *IS* fun :-) ]  God thing is I have two hard drives here, so everyting is backed up on one and the other is clean. I'm having trouble with Outlook express. On the old HD, I have many inbox folders with tons of email I can't read at this time. How do I transfer them to the new profile on the new drive?  I know I did this once before, but it just doesn't work the same this time. I'm monkeying with Windows/application data/....right direction? But apparently I can't just drag and drop the folders intact.....
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wavkingAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
wavking, try importing the data using the import feature.

To import messages from an existing Exchange or Outlook client PST, follow
these steps.

First, search the old drive for your *.pst file. As an example, based on your logon or setup info it could something like wavking.pst. Once found, not where it is. Then,
1. Open Outlook Express, on the File menu point to Import, and then click
2. In the "Select an email client to import from" box, click the
   appropriate mail client, Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook, and
   then click Next.
3. Click Next, and then in the Profile Name box, click the Profile
   name from which to import the PST, and then click OK.
4. In the Select Folders box, choose All Folders, or to import specific
   folders, choose Selected Folders, and then click the folder that you
   want to import into Outlook Express.
   NOTE: If you choose Selected Folders and want to import more than one
   folder, press and hold the SHIFT key and then click each folder you
   want to import.
5. Click Finish.

If you need more, let me know!

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wavkingAuthor Commented:
That's mostly it, but not quite. First the pst file doesn't seem to have anything to do with it. I have OE5. When I click next/next/next/ it goes by default to (new drive) C:/windows/application data/identities/...

I changed it to the old drive and was able to import SOME of the oldmail. But it wasn't all there!  There are several folders I created that are missing and none of the inbox is newer than Sept 8th.

Where might the other folders be hiding?
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Outlook Express 5 makes it a bit easier, but the principle is the same throughout the various Outllok Express products.

Remember, much of this depends on how your mail was setup, whether you've upgraded from 95 and other mail clients etc, and whether or not there were any errors during your crash.

Try this, as it is very specific as to mail folders.

1. Open OE 5, click File, Import, then messages.

2. Now choose Outlook Express 5 and click next.

3. Choose Import mail from "An Outlook Express 5 Store Directory" and click OK.

4. Click Browse and then search your old drive for where your old mail was stored before.
wavkingAuthor Commented:
It took a little digging to find the newer mail. Instead of being in
app data/identities...
it was in app data/msoutlook/...
I had to look for DBX files.
You must have had quite a crash. The DBX files are normally created when a crash occurs with files open.
wavkingAuthor Commented:
pretty much so. That's why I did what I did. Windows kept hanging on shut down, then hangs on start up....I tend to load a lot of programs after a while and about every 6 months I wind up starting fresh.

Actually that was only half of the reason. See my next question...

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