editing Excel files from an intranet

as it seems very difficult to be able to open an Excel spreadsheet into a browser and allow multiple users to edit and save to the same location at the same time, is there a solution similar to an Access db accessed over a web page where the spreadsheet is editable from the web page?


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dalehendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a Java Bean at http://jbaw.iba.com.by/alphabeans.nsf
called ExcelAccessor that can give you an interface to the spreadsheet. It is NOT 100% Java and requires ActiveX to run.
There has been a few question recently and in the past regarding this subject, here is what I know to be true, (please correct me if i'm wrong anyone...)

While it is not hard to open a spreadsheet for viewing serverside, opening for editing clientside, saving clientside, having multiple copies open serverside, and even editing multiple copies clientside, there is no way to have the spreadsheet open for editing serverside by multiple clients.  

Plus, there is no way other than clientside to edit the file, then save it to the server via FTP or an external upload program.

Plus, there is no way to have multiple copies of the same file open serverside for edit.  Again, this is client side only...
Excel does have an option called "Shared Workbooks" (look under the Tools menu).  This allows several users to edit a particular workbook at the same time.

Your situation is complicated by the idea of using this in a web environment.  I would suspect the biggest problem will be to be able to write the file back to the server once it has been edited.

I honestly don't know if this can be done, and I make this suggestion ONLY to give you a place to look for a solution.

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Here's a suggestion:

What if the Excel spreadsheet was populated entirely by an Access dB?  This way the spreadsheet would be filled or modified by SQL calls entirely.

Just a thought... any comments?

I have done exactly what Tom commented above. I have a number of spreadsheets all shared (Shared Workbooks) on an Intranet. The files are kept in a shared area. A hyperlink from the Intranet opens the spreadsheet in a new window, or can be in the same window, and any authorised user (Authorised to the NT share) can edit the workbook at the same time. There is however a performance implication when using shared workbooks over a network as the changes are not apparent to the other users immediately.


Nick :o)
Read "Intranet"... this is so easy my kid can do it...  Setting up an Internet connection is a bit more challenging...

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