MS Outlook 97: editing deleted messages

In MS Outlook 97, where a message has been sent, and then moved from the "Sent Items" folder to the "Deleted Items" folder, is it possible to edit that message, and save it back to the "Deleted Items" folder wihtout there being any trace that the message was edited?
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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That plus the "Changed by" field might change (not in a standalone environment but probably in an Exchange Server environment)
The modified date/time on the item would be changed so that would qualify as a trace that it was edited after the send time

mvlAuthor Commented:
I just need some clarification -- Does that mean I could send a message, then move it from the "Sent Items" folder to the "Deleted Items" folder, then double-click the message, edit it by say adding some text, and then save the message back into the "Deleted Items" folder and the only trace would be the date and time info in the "Last Modified On" column?
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