VB6 and Internet Explorer

Howdy All,
     So far I am automating internet explorer from VB very well and navigating the web awesome. I want to get the History of the user. Not the current web borwser history but the history you find in the history folder on your HD. In nt it's in "Local Settings" folder. The problem is that they don't store this history as a text file anywhere that I can see. In explorer it appears it in the history folder but if you use wordpad to try to open anything in the history folder it is blank even when *.* view is selected. My questions is where doews MIcrosoft get this info from to populate the windows explorer view so that I can grab the same info!!!!

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The folder that stores history (at least on my Win2k machine is C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\History\History.IE5> there is a hidden file index.dat that contains information about the four hidden directories in that folder. In each of those folders is an index.dat that contains the history.  Sorry, but I do not know the format for those dat files.

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natek012299Author Commented:
Thanks a ton dude. Well, I can now find the file usin word pad and typing in the path but it's in use by windows so DOS here we come!!!
Say, email me and let me know how in the world you found this out. I set all the options in explorer to show every possible file and it still doesn't show. I'd really apppreciate it!!!!
Just stumbled onto one day using the command prompt and dir /a (list hidden files).  Internet Explorer and Explorer will not show you the directories, just the files saved in them.
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