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Hi, I asked a question a while back about modem problems and have come to the conclusion that I need to reinstall Windows 98 completely. I have 2 hard drives that are exactly the same size. I have them running master and slave. I would like to install win98 on the slave and transfer all my files to it then make it the master. Tech support at Diamond MM tells me to reinstall win98 in order to use a winmodem that I bought. Can you tell me explicitly how to do this? Thanks
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mheinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Basically, It should be very simple.

1.  Physically Switch the Hard Drives/ Cable Position And Jumper Position on the actual drives

Reformat the New Master Drive with( You may need to boot off a floppy that has the system, since The New Master doesn't have any system Files)

** One Caviat to this is:  You need to be aware that while it is possible to copy files using convential means (For Example Xcopy or through Windows Explorer, It is almost impossible to copy your actual Program Files Due to the information that is in the registry)  There are 3rd party utilities that will actually copy programs from one drive to another for you including dll and registry values )
I believe one such utility is called clean sweep.  

  Boot Of the Win 98 CD-Rom,  If it is an OEM Copy( If Not OEM boot off the Floppy that came with your win98 cd.)  
Follow the setup procedure.

You should, once it gets done be able to install the win-modem drivers that came with your Modem.  (If not I'm sure you can d/l from the net.)  

Once you get your modem installed, you should be able to copy files off your new slave (Old master Drive) ** Refer to  the Caviat above.
If you ddo not use onr of these 3rd party utilities you will need to reinstall your apps and then copy over data.

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