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Hi, I asked a question a while back about modem problems and have come to the conclusion that I need to reinstall Windows 98 completely. I have 2 hard drives that are exactly the same size. I have them running master and slave. I would like to install win98 on the slave which is now empty  and transfer all my files to it then make it the master. Tech support at Diamond MM tells me to reinstall win98 in order to use a winmodem that I bought due to driver conflicts. I have spent the last 3 days with them going over every detail and this is my last hope.  Can you tell me explicitly how to do this? Thanks by the way I have a P133 running win98.
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First, you've posted a duplicate of this question. Delete the other  one and recover your points.


1. Make sure that you have a good Windows 98 Startup boot disk. If you don't have one, make one through control panel, add/remove programs.

2. Shut the machine down and remove the primary drive where windows is already, and leave it out of the system for now.

3. Move the slave into the primary position and make sure that it is jumpered as the master.

4. Boot to the Startup disk mentioned above and choose "With CD Rom Support". Make note of the drive letter assigned to your CD Rom drive.

5. Presuming that this former slave drive is already partitioned, you only need to format it. Therefore, at the command prompt, type:

FORMAT C:/S<enter> and format the drive.

Now keep in mind that if you want to use FAT 32 instead of FAT 16, you will need to re-partition that drive. If you need to do this, let me know.

6. Once the drive has been formatted, run setup. You do this by typing the following at the command prompt:


Remember to substitute the drive letter assigned above for the CD rom instead of "D" if necessary.

As Win98 installs, choose custom instead of typical and choose the components in each area that you want installed.

7. Once 98 is installed, go into control panel, system icon, device manager and clear any device errors you find.

Once you get this far, I'll go further with file recovery. Make sure that you run Windows Update and install and setup your email using the same versions as prior as if you do not, recovering mail might be a problem.

Let me know when you're ready


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Bigripper1Author Commented:
dew, I did as you stated, and I get a message that says cannot create temp files If you have HPFS or NTFS then ....
I dont understand this message. The hard drive I have has already been formatted to fat32. When I put in the boot disk it gives me a choice of reinstalling without formatting or formatting then installing. I've tried both and get this message each time. What is HPFS or NTFS?
Apparently that drive has been formatted somehow with an NT disk, as NTFS and HPFS are Windows NT formats, not Windows 9X.

You'll need to remove the partition on that drive and then reinstall a partition. During the Fdisk process you be asked if you want to enable large drive support Y or N, enter yes and then pull the partition, reinsert a partition and then make that partition active.
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