Regarding MAPI and Visual Basic

I am using the MAPI controls on a VB form to successfully send email messages. Thanks for the many posts regarding this. My question is: I notice that when the email is sent, it pops up the familiar "connecting, sending message 1 of 1" message, and progress bar right over my form. At this point, is VB waiting? If I have other things going on in the background, will they be halted? I noticed that while this box is up I can't click on any area of the VB screen. Can I make it so this box does not pop up? Also, can I change the default timeout to less than 30 seconds. If our pop3 server isnt working, or the network is down, I don't want the thing to hang that long.
I'm basically trying to send an email at a certain point during a test, and I don't want it hanging there.
P.S. Other than that, it works great. I'm using VB6.0 with the MAPI controls and Outlook Express. I couldn't get Microsoft Internet mail to work. We only have internet mail, (no Exchange).
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Have you tried using VBAMAP32.DLL ?
Yes. VB is waiting. As far as VB is concerned it is executing a single MAPI "Send" command. And it'll patiently wait until that command completes even if it takes all day.

I have created a Simple Class Module in VB that uses outlook to create the Object, in this case an E-mail.  It spons it off to a ring around the kernel.  This allows your Application to continue running independent of the MAPI Process.  It is very simple, and it works pretty well (w/o Controls I might add)  If the POP Server or whatever Server Type you are using is unavavilable you will still get an error message, but your app will still continue to run unimpeded

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jscharpfAuthor Commented:
This sounds great. Do you have sample code that I could use?

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