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Reformatted a 4.0 gig WD hard drive and reloaded with Win98. Pentium 200 Mhz, non-MMX processor, 64 meg of ram.  Custom built computer and no appearance of anything odd.  Win98 picked up all plug and play devices, with the exception of the modem.  When trying to install two different 56K modems a window popped up and notified me that they couldn't support non mmx chips.  (Never seen that before.)  Then tried to install a new Boca, and though I didn't get that window again, cannot get device manager to acknowledge the installation. Noted while in device manager and while trying to install the modems that I keep being prompted to install PCI Serial Controller.  What am I missing folks?
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PCI Modem Does Not Work After Installing Windows 98
After you install Windows 98, your PCI modem (Winmodem) may not be recognized.
When this occurs, the PCI modem may be listed as a PCI Serial Controller under Other Devices in Device Manager. This behavior occurs because the Windows 98 CD-ROM does not include drivers for PCI serial controllers. To resolve this behavior, update the driver for the device, here's how:
1.Select Start > Settings > Control Panel and double-click System
2.Select the Device Manager tab
3.Double-click the Other Devices branch to expand it, select PCI Serial Controller, and then click Properties
4.Select the Driver tab, and then click Update Driver
5.Click Next, click Search for a better driver then the one your device is using now (Recommended), and then click Next
6.Insert the driver disk or CD-ROM that was included with your modem
7.Click to select the check box for the drive corresponding to the media type (floppy disk drive or CD-ROM drive), and then click Next
8.If you receive an Update Driver Warning dialog box, click Yes
9.Click Next, click Finish, and then click Yes to restart your computer
stolleryAuthor Commented:
Had already done as you suggested.  The drivers I needed were not on the cdrom.  Had to go to the manufacturers web site and download what I needed.
Thanks for your help and quick response though.
So what are you saying? you tried installing the drivers but you still have no modem and you still have the PCI Serial Controller

Did you follow the directions all the way through?

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stolleryAuthor Commented:
What I meant was that I had already attempted what you suggested when I posted this question in an effort to see if I had missed anything.  I too thought the driver I needed to solve this problem would be on the CD, but it wasn't.  I needed to download it from Boca's website. Once I had the driver the PCI Serial Controller message became a non issue.  Thanks for your quick response though and I'll be accepting your answer and awarding the points as indicated.
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