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What's wrong with the following code:

Private Sub cmdDelete_Click()

Response = MsgBox("Do you want to DELETE the current record.", vbYesNo + vbExclamation + vbDefaultButton2, "Warning")
If Responce = vbYes Then
    Exit Sub
End If

End Sub

When the 'Yes' button is clicked nothing happens, but without the message box the 'frmFormName.datacontrol.Recordset.Delete' works OK. So its not detecting that the Yes button has been clicked.

Any clues?
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Response is misspelled in the If statement

Always use Option Explicit at the top of your code.

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which also prevents u from not diming your variables
Yes! ncw, go into your VB menu now: Tools-Options. On the first tab "Editor" you'll see "Require variable declaration". Switch it on and never switch it off again. In all the code you've written so far, re-visit the code modules and make sure that Option Explicit is the first line in ALL of them.

After six versions of VB, I cannot for the life of me understand why Micro$oft have still made having this check box turned off the default setting. I've seen professional applications that are used world wide crumble in a heap because of this, so don't feel too bad about it ;-)

Erick37's response is right on the button, so his answer is excellent.
ncwAuthor Commented:
Yes I had missed that simple spelling mistake.

I normally do put Option Explicit in the top of the declarations section but this time I had forgotten to do so.

I have now changed the setting in made Tools-Options.

Thank you
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