Signal Error 11 on install

After I think have sucessfully partioned my drive to accomodate LINUX, I get this error when installing the software..."Install Exited abnormally Received
signal 11 the the process stops. I have been working with a Pentium 150, 1GB HD, with 64 MB of RAM. My partions consist of 128 MB swap and a "/" of 800. The swap space is on the same drive. drives are IDE. /  / Please help, I've been working on this install all week

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Cy HConnect With a Mentor Desktop Support AnalystCommented:
Signal 11's and signal 7's are errors indicating a hardware error in memory or on the bus. This can be due to problems in executables or with the hardware of the system.

The first thing to do is check to see if you have the latest installation and supplemental floppies from red hat. Check the errata for updates, and also the FTP site to see if newer versions are available. If the latest images still fail, it may be due to hardware. Common suspects are memory or CPU-cache. Try turning off the CPU-cache in the BIOS and see if problem goes away. Also try swapping memory around in the motherboard slots to see if it is either slot or memory related.

Try this site for additional info:
Try typing Ctrl-Alt-F2 Ctrl-Alt-F3, etc. to see if you have any error messages on those screens.
Cy HDesktop Support AnalystCommented:
"I get this error when installing the software"

At what point during the installation? Which Linux are you using (red hat, suse, etc)?
Is the system setup to dual boot, via another boot program (bootmagic, system commander, etc.)
Is this the only o/s you have installed?
Is 1GB the total HD space, or just the space allocated for linux?

cmurabitoAuthor Commented:
Linux is the only OS. My root partition is 800 MB my swap is 128 MB. The error occurs for RED HAT 6.0 OS after all my setup choices have been made and it begins to copy the contents of the CD.
My Partitions were made with Disk Druid.
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