Editing/Creating a Template . . .

I'm running the L'Notes 4.6 client and I'm trying to Edit/Create a database of my own, but I don't seem to be able to bring up the Design Elements.  I've tried creating a new one, I've tried copying an existing one, but nothing I can figure out how to do will let me design my own "Docucent/Form," for database entry.  I'm obviously missing some kind of "Development" tool.

Please advise . . .


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You have to have a design License, check with your Note Admin on what you have.
otserAuthor Commented:
Thank You!

But actually, the problem is something more like that I need to install the server on my desktop, if I want to create my own database . . . I think.

What I need to know is EXACTLY what I need to have in place, to be able to design and edit my own database.  I do have the the installation CD, with the installation option for installing the server software, but I need to know if:

a.)  that is what I need to do and, if so;
b.)  will it interfere with my ability the interact with the actual server

Please advise . . .



It may be problem with your id license as shabala told. While creating your id , the license type may be "Lotus Notes Desktop". If so You can not see the design part. To view and modify the design of a database your id should have "Lotus notes" license type. Create one id with license type as "LotusNotes" , then you check, you can view the design part. Then you create new id for you.


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otserAuthor Commented:
Thank You!

  It wasn't exactly the answer I needed, but it did give me the right direction to look into.  YES, the both your answer and shabala's answer were correct, but I was completely ignorant on the subject, so they were not actually suggesting any real solution to me.  I still had to research further the meaning of "Notes Client License" (a term neither of your answers used properly and L'Note is particular picky about its terminology) and how that is used and what that impacts.  I didn't necessarily want the answer handed to me on a silver platter, but I assume that, if you're earning points for your advice, it should at least be as good as what I can get from a newsgroup; which was where I finally got the real answer.

Thanks . . .

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