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In the locked question "easy one" under the group "Computers:Programming:Languages", somebody makes the point that you can NOT call "main()" recursively in C++ (only in C) and another contests this point.  

Calling "main()" recursively under SunPro CC 4.2 and 5.0 fails, but succeeds under g++ 2.8.1.  It supposedly works in Visual C++.

I tried to find a reference to "main()" and "recursive" in Stroustrup 3rd Edition and in Schildt 3rd Edition, and had no luck.

I do not have a copy of the standard.  Just wondering if anyone knew if the standard prohbits the recursive calling of main()?
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I'll look into it.  But I don't remember any restriction against it.
Wow.  I didn't remember it, but i definitely read the section that it came from.  Not it is not allowed to be called.

The function main() shall not be called from within a program. The linkage (3.5) of main() is implementation-defined. The address of main() shall not be taken and main() shall not be declared inline or static. The name main is not otherwise reserved. [ Example: member functions, classes, and enumerations can be called main, as can entities in other namespaces. ]


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>> I do not have a copy of the standard.

The copy I use is at

This is the final _draft_ version.  The final version is not available for free, but can be downloaded for about $15.  (a printed copy is like $300).  However the draft standard is extremely close to the final standard, so I don't think its worth the money.

Of course, this will probably cost me a lot of points...   : - )
barrycAuthor Commented:
Thanks nietod!
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