I see a white circle with a small blue i in it when I look in Device manager>Computer>View Resources>DMA-IO-Memory-IRQ for older (non pnp) network cards, SCSI driver and a new HP r60 printer/ scanner/copier on it's own new high speed parallel card. Resources show no conflicts and Performance tab shows configured for optimal performance. What does the i mean and should something be done about it?  
Win98se on old (6/92 BIOS non PNP) 486 (upgraded with 586-133 Evergreen cpu) 32megs, 3 external SCSI drives, SCSI external NEC 3x CD, external USR Courier v.everything X2 w/new 16550chips io card.   Ok - lol but it works.
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waynebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The "I" means that this device was manually entered, meaning the resources for this device where entered manually, if there are no conflicts then I would not worry about it very much. It just means you forced this device to use a specific resource.
wayneb has the right answer daddude. My isa ethernet adapter for instance: it defaults to use irq 5, using jumpers on the card I changed that setting to use irq 3, since then there has been a blue i over the irq setting when I view resources, the card still works fine. So, it's either a forced setting or a setting other than the default(same thing) either way if it's working don't fixed it.

daddudeAuthor Commented:
Wayneb it is, Thanks.
Jatcan, Thanks for the confirmation.
I am glad to help, anytime.
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