OCI - obindps call for multiple rows insert

I have the following code (steps)

1. oparse
2. obndrn (for 2 columns)
3. obindps ( for 1 long column)
4. oexec
5. ogetpi
6. osetpi (complete insert for one row)
7. change bind values and go to step 2

I can insert only one row with the above code. While inserting a second row, I get a GPF. If I start again at step 1 for 2nd row, the insertion is through with no errors. Any reason why?
I do not want to parse the same SQL stmt for each row.


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HaukeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think the reason is the LONG column.
I had the same problem with OCI7.3.
Processing multi rows containing LOB columns works with OCI8.

You don't need to parse the statement for each row. Parse the statement and bind the variables once and execute after changing the values many times.
sridhar_dvjsAuthor Commented:
I am using Oracle Are you saying that there is no solution to my problem for this Oracle version?

Yes, I think so.
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