CreateDirectory doesn't work...

I am trying to use the CreateDirectory function to create a directory structure. Is this allowed? For example, I have a directory now called d:\temp. I want to create upto d:\temp\dir1\dir2\dir3 in one go.

I have tried to create even one directory by CreateDirectory seems to fail with the following error message:
"Invalid Access to Memory Location".

My code looks like this:
sAtr.nLength = sizeof(SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES);
BOOL bDirDone = CreateDirectory("d:\\Temp\\dir1\\dir2\\dir3", &sAtr);

Whats going wrong??
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Hope this helps u out ?
U can't create a number of directory at once, this piece of code would help u ...
The security attributes may be as u specified with any attributes or NULL.
BOOL bDirDone = CreateDirectory("\\?\D:\Temp\dir1",NULL) ;
bDirDone = CreateDirectory("\\?\D:\Temp\dir1\dir2",NULL) ;
bDirDone = CreateDirectory("\\?\D:\Temp\dir1\dir2\dir3",NULL) ;

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baigmzAuthor Commented:
I tried this one. Its only a wide format for the file name to enable more than 248 chars in the filename. It doesn't make a difference.
YOu use UNICODE build?

If so
place characters into _T() macro



This should help.
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sAtr.nLength = sizeof(SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES);

That's all?

Shouldn't it be:

memset(&sAttr, 0, sizeof(sAttr));
sAtr.nLength = sizeof(SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES);

and fill out the structure members
I am sorry baiqmz try this it should work because i have tried this out..

It will create 3 directories .
baigmzAuthor Commented:
Yes, I tried providing no security attributes and it works. The MSDN isn't clear enough.

Thanks anyway.
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