Caps Lock key and Num Lock key

If I press Caps Lock key or Num Lock key
I wish the status bar shows 'Cap' or 'Num'. How can I do this?
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the onkeydown event (parameter key) sould tell you when it happens.

you just have after to write what you need in the status bar

regards, Marc

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an example for retrieving CAPS state:

if (GetKeyState(VK_CAPITAL) and $01) <> 0 then
  // caps active
  // caps inactive

u can poll this in a timer event or put it in the keydown event of the form or in a message handling proc.

btw: i could send ya a statusbar component doing just this. post ur email addr; i'll send it ovuh 2 ya.

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You really have to poll because caps lock could be changed when another app has the focus. Your app would not get a keydown event.

BTW, here is how you can set and set the NUMLOCK state. (This is Microsoft's method. It is a translation of C code from the MSDN).

function GetNumLock: Boolean;
  var KeyState: Integer;
    KeyState := GetKeyState(VK_NUMLOCK);
    Result := KeyState and 1 = 1;

procedure SetNumLock(bState: Boolean);
  var KeyState: TKeyBoardState;
    if (bState and (KeyState[VK_NUMLOCK] and 1 = 0)) or
       ((not bState) and (KeyState[VK_NUMLOCK] and 1 = 1)) then
        // Simulate a key press
          keybd_event( VK_NUMLOCK,
                       KEYEVENTF_EXTENDEDKEY or 0,
                       0 );

        // Simulate a key release
          keybd_event( VK_NUMLOCK,

petershaw8Author Commented:
Thanks all of you.
My email address is
It is very nice if Blackdeath send me your status bar. BTW, Blackdeath: what message handling proc should be?
u can hook a message handling procedure in2 the message chain 4 keyboard events. there u'll get 2 parameters containing all u need bout the pressed key. i've got a sample @home. mayb i remember 2 bring it w/ me 2morrow so i can send it ovuh. it's 2 much trouble here @work 2 gather all i've needed the last time i wrote it. it's not so much the proc itself; it's the parameter evaluation.

the statusbar is on the way...


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