Declaring a dynamic two-dimensional array

I can, quite easily declare an array in a parameter list of a procedure and now, after some guidance(!!) pass an array to the procedure.  However, in a different procedure I wish to pass a two-dimensional array.  I have a Videosoft VSPrinter control.  Here is the code:

Public Sub TableData(Data() As Variant)
With VsPrinter1
    .PenWidth = 15
    .FontBold = True
    .CurrentX = "15mm"
    .CurrentY = "110mm"
    .TextAlign = taLeftTop
    .MarginLeft = 900
    .AddTableArray _ "<40mm|<25mm|<85mm|<50mm|<20mm|<40mm" _ , "Exp./Comm|Quantity|Description|" & _ "Price|Trade Discount|Value", Body
    .TableCell(tcFontBold, 1, 1, _ UBound(Data, 2) + 1, UBound(Data, 1) _ + 1) = False
 '   .TableCell(tcRowHeight, 1, , _ UBound(Body, 2) + 1) = "5mm"
    .TableCell(tcAlign, 0, 1, 0, 6) _
= taCenterTop
    BottomOfTable = .CurrentY
End With

End Sub

Private objVsView As New clsVsView
Dim SuppDet(0 To 4) As String
Dim DelDet(0 To 4) As String

Private Sub Form_Click()

Dim Body(0 To 5, 0 To 31) As String

With objVsView
    .Fax = "01376 557732"
    .TelNo = "01376 552525"
    .PicturePath = "\\nt-its2 _ \progs\app\purchasi\16bit\copy of _ BRAIN1.bmp"
    SuppDet(0) = "Andrew Currie"
    SuppDet(1) = "Windsor Castle"
    SuppDet(2) = "London"
    SuppDet(3) = "GLC"
    SuppDet(4) = "UK"
    .SupplierDet SuppDet
    For i = 0 To 5
        For x = 0 To 31
            Body(i, x) = "Hello! Blah _ Blah Blah!!!"
        Next x
    Next i
    .TableData Body
End With

Set objVsView = Nothing

End Sub
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andcuAuthor Commented:
P.S.  TableData is in a Class Module
You haven't told us what your problem is...
andcuAuthor Commented:
Oh yeah!!!

Same problem as in my previous ? caraf_g

Error is type mismatch.  Array or user defined-type expected.
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Ah, of course...

You've declared Body as a 2-dimensional array of Strings and TableData expects and array of Variants.

Either declare Body as an array of variants, or change TableData so it passes in ByVal Body() As Variant

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Public Sub TableData(ByVal Data() As Variant)
andcuAuthor Commented:
I get a compile error. Array argument must be byref.
Ok, then the only option open to you is to

Dim Body(0 To 5, 0 To 31) As Variant

in sub Form_Click

andcuAuthor Commented:
That worked. Excellent.
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