Remote machine control

I am concerned with shutting down a personal computer running on Windows 98 from another personal computer. These two computers form a part of a Novell Netware 4.11 network.
I am particularly interested in doing this using Visual basic ver 5.0 as a programming tool.
I know the IP address of the computer to be shutdown.
Please send me the reply at the earliest.
Thank you!
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Windows 98 has no facility for receiving a shutdown command from another computer but it's not hard to program one.

You need to write two programs using VB:

1) On the computer(s) to be shutdown, write an application that will run as a service without a window displayed and have it startup when the machine is booted. Have it listen on some TCPIP port (of your choice) and wait for some command you are going to send it.  If it received the proper command (and probably you should include some authentication as well) it will issue the ExitWindowsEx() to cause Windows to exit and shutdown.

2) On the "master" computer, you just make an app that will open a connection to the port on the remote computer and tell it to shutdown.  

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You want source code or the program that can do this ?
Go to, there are many Trojan Horse and their source code (VB, C, Delphi...).
You can use any of this to do.
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