keyboard conversion

i've got a project in c to convert the keyboard into TAmil language, i.e. when a sentence is typed in the keyboard the output must be in Tamil
what do i do?
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nadtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends on lotta things,
1. are you working in real mode or protected one? Any way your task is not simple.  (Give 10000 pts !)
1.a. if in real mode here's what u have to do:-
     1) first get which key has been hit.  
     2) define your own interrupt.  Using DOS 23h (I'm not very sure, refer Advance MSDOS programming by Rayduncon)
     3) Once your interrupt has been invoked based on which key has been pressed take decision which funcion u invoke (e.g. interrupt 23h function 2h)
     4) Each function in your interrupt will write some pixels (as you are in graphic mode) on the screen which resemble Tamil.
2.a if you are in protected mode:-
    1) God bless you!!
    2) Better purchase tamil language software by CDAC!
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