NT 4.0 Crashes

I've been have a problem with my NT 4.0 w/SP4 system lately. It seem
         everytime I boot up and login my system crashes to the "Blue Screen Of
         Death". This is the following error message get:IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
         ADDRESS 801DD785 HAS BASE AT 801DA000-SCSIPORT.SYS. The next line

         I can tell it's telling me something about my scsi card driver "I
         think", but I can't get in to either del the file or replace it. I'm
         using Adaptec 2940 card, attach to this card is a internal zip drive,
         Yahama writer, Plextor 12x CD-Rom, HP Deskjet IIcx Scanner. Everything
         was working fine until I reapply the service pack again. I'm not sure
         because I've reapplied it before and never had any problems. Is there way to correct this problem or at least boot safely into nt to at least find the file and try to make changes.
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You could try a repair system files, then reinstall the SP.
Another possibility is to remove the Zip drive, and if that doesn't work remove each SCSI device try again and finally remove the 2940.

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SportyManAuthor Commented:
I tried all the above except reinstalling the SP because the system crashes before it finishes loading the rest of the prgs. After I login as admin a few prgs load ,then POW BSOD rears it's hugly head.
You can try removing the SCSI card.  It looks as if it's having some sort of resource issue.  

Remove the SCSI card and see if the PC will boot.

Try to remove the drivers, and reinstall them.  Install the SCSI card again, and see if it boots.

If this doesn't work, try a different SCSI card.  Your card could be bad.  It happens you know :)


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SportyManAuthor Commented:
I did remove the scsi card and that did not help.. I can't remove the drivers because I did not need to install them for the scsi card. It's a PNP Adaptec 2940 card and NT recoginze it and installed the drivers itself.

Is there a way to load NT without it's drivers? So I could get in and apply SP5 over SP4?
You can install NT to a new directory (new install and change the directory). This will allow you to access the current NT install and change as necessary. Try looking in c:\%OLDsystemroot%\system32\drivers for the driver to delete. Don't get confused as to which directory you are working in.

Remove the scsi drivers (per the BSOD) and see what happens.

Good luck
SportyManAuthor Commented:
Okay I'll try this and we'll see what happens...
SportyManAuthor Commented:
I used ERD disk, then applied SP5, then updated the ERD again.
This seems to have fix the problem, but I want to thank all of those that particapated in assisting me in solving this problem.
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