Server error when publishing with FP!

Every time I try to publish to our server, I get an error message that says: "Server error, cannot create file d:\inetpub\wwwroot\sitename\default.htm" or some other file name. Other times it says "cannot delete ..." Our web server is running Windows NT and IIS4. What's up?
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joejansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using FP2000?  If so, turn off "Execute" rights, and leave scripting on for the web in the management console.  In the new security template that MS is switching to, if an account has execute rights, you cannot upload content. I know there is a work arround, but I am not on my server, and would have to look and see what we did. In any case, if you have scripting turned on, everything should still work fine, as long as you aren't running any ASAPI "plug-ins" like Cold Frustration errr Fusion.
JCSAuthor Commented:
Yes, I use FP2000.  Do I "turn off Execute rights and leave scripting on" somewhere in FrontPage or is that done on the server? I would like to know more about the "work around." I do not use any ASAPI plug-ins at this time.
This is done from the IIS Management Console on the server.

If I remember, we had to set some the security settings manually in NT.  Again, I am not at the server, and we only had to do this for a couple of the webs on one of our hosting servers with Cold Fusion.  

We usually just turn off execute permissions.  Unless you are doing something very advanced or different, you won't need execute permissions.
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