lan and modem internet connections

I want to connect to the internet but keep getting "no route to host".  The modem is fine and the network card is fine.  I can share smb shares via samba but cant get out through the modem without the msg as above
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stephendAuthor Commented:
I want to keep both LAN and internet connectivity at the same time if possible
Are you trying to user your modem over a LAN or WAN?  The error you are getting indicates that the default route you have on your machine is att empting to reach the internet via the default gw you setup on you ethernet card.  Type 'route' to verify what the default gw is.  Also you probably need to configure some style of PPP to access your ISP via a regular phone line.
stephendAuthor Commented:
THanks aaronhirsch for you input.  To clarify:

The modem is connected to a normal telephone line.  PPP is set up via Kppp and establishes the connection just fine.  So, the tcp connection is fine to the ISP I just cant seem to run a program over the connection.

Hope this helps


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What is the output of your "route" command?

What machines are on your LAN?
Make sure that you have you DNS (nameservers) in the resolv.conf file on your linux box. And also make sure you have your host name in the hosts , hosts.allow and this typed in hosts.deny.
      In the hosts.deny file type in
ALL: ALL , this will not allow anybody to log onto you box without you giving them access in the hosts allow. There is a simply program that you can use to set all of this up if you would like to use it. If you are using Redhat its called netconf. You need to type in your nameserver as listed. Setup your ppp hosts search path. Configure you device for ppp and put in the phone number to dial and username and password. If you need to use pap you can.
      As far as you using both your modem and your NIC that shouldn't have anything to do with it. You would be able to use both at the same time with no problem. Just make sure you have the workgroup right on samba and make sure after you configure it to stop the smbd service and the nmbd services with the kill command and then restart then. They are both in /sbin/smbd and /sbin/nmbd. I hope this helps you out. If you have any further questions feel free to ask me.

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stephendAuthor Commented:
THnks guys,
Problem solved.
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