How to find out if IP address is valid

I want to allow the user to type in an IP address into a textbox and then verify that it's ok (a valid structure).
Is there a quick function that will tell me that
"193.132.324.23" is ok
and "13r.675.s.78" has a problem
I've written code that will check for the dots and then by finding there location, use it to breakown the ip address so that I have the following
var1 = "13r"
var2 = "675"
var3 = "s"
var4 = "78"
I was then trying the following
if val(var1) < 0 or val(var2)>999 then
but as the val function returns 0(zero) if it gets something like "s" then this wont work for me.
Any quicker methods would be appreciated

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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
In your code that checks for dots, why don't you also check for non-numeric values and either strip them out or return and error?
Use an masked edit control
with this mask


So now only things like

234.365.10.1 can be entered
So use you own check to check if they are correct

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Why not use a Masked Edit Control?
PaulBlackAuthor Commented:
if telebasics changes the comment to an answer then you can have the points
Hey Paul, just click on the 'Accept comment as answer' to the right of the header. Saves telebasics from having to post an answer....

PS. It's probably also worth checking that the numbers within the IP address are less than 256, the possible numbers range from 0-255, not 0-999. I'm not sure if you can use the masked edit box for this, I've not used it much before.
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