Problems with permissions to write to drive

No matter how many passwords and users I create, Linux won't give me permission to write and doesn't seem to see the password. I usually log on as a guest and still can't write when I've set read only to no. I'm using SWAT and Webmin which is admin software. ( I've set up system passwords and passwords for Samba.
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foxrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you have set the Workgroup= in the smb.conf file to match your windows domain/workgroup.  Also check to make sure that you have the allow access to incoude the IP address of your windows machine.  Make sure that you do not have a read access set in the share section and also make sure you have a write= in your share section.  As a final check, make sure that you have the linux fle system permissions set to allow write.
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One more thing, make sure that you have enable password encryption options on the linux side.
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