Incorporating a DLL in a project

This may seem like a dumb question but this is the first time I've tried and not having any luck.
Using Borland 5.02 and OWL 5.
I want to create and use a DLL in a project. All the books I have say something about using a linking program (buildlib or something like that) but it wasn't installed .
Do you have to create the DLL as a seperate project (I have 7 cpp files in the project I'm currently working on) and then bind it in somehow or can you build the cpp file into a DLL file in the same project???
Would someone mind walking me through the steps on creating and including a DLL in a project??
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Hi, for creating DLL(as a seperate project) you must make
next steps:
1. From File|New|Project
  chouse in Trget Type:
Dinamic Library(dll)
2. Make you name (in Path and Name Box)
3. Add in Project all you cpp
4. Make some functions
 "export" as :

BOOL far _export CreateDLLWindow(HWND parentHWnd)
  TWindow *parentAlias = GetWindowPtr(parentHWnd);

  if (!parentAlias)
    parentAlias = new TWindow(parentHWnd);

  TWindow *window = new TWindow(parentAlias);

                        | WS_MINIMIZEBOX | WS_MAXIMIZEBOX;
  window->Attr.X = 100; window->Attr.Y = 100;
  window->Attr.W = 300; window->Attr.H = 300;
  return window->Create();
5. Build Project.

During building BC makes file
LIB(say test.lib, if you create
This file you must include in you
project , where you call some DLL
fonction, and in you .h file
use word extern :
BOOL far extern CreateDLLWindow(HWND parentHWnd);
(see every Windows .h file)

BTW: for creating lib file
BC use utility implib.exe (not buildlib!).
If you want, i can send you
ready project(write you EMail)


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dooley090698Author Commented:
The sample would be greatly appreciated.
You can e-mail to :
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