bilingual application with Visual C++

I want a simple example with some dialog
that i can switch from french to english at runtime

i already ready the books about internationnalisation from MSDN but there is no good example.

thanks a lot.
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AlexVirochovskyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, there are many ways to make this. I descibe my way.
1. All messages(and name of Dialogs) must be in rc File.   
2. In all palces in Progammes use LoadString for use
this message/text.
3. make rc Files for all languages.
4. From this rc Files make DLL(see Windows documentation
for make DLL from Resource File)
5. In Begin of  Programm LoadLibrary for Default Lang.(DLL)
6. make menu Laguages: English/Swedish/Hebrew/...
7. If user change Lang,FreeLibrary (old Lang) and LoadLibrary
(new Lang)
8. In end of programm FreeLibrary
diplodocusAuthor Commented:
i read MSDN ??? this is the same answer

if you want excellent
answer this
where could i found an application that could do it i mean an example with coding...
this is what i want ???

thanks a lot to spend time for this answer.


Hi,next is examples
1. Load DLL
   hInst = LoadLibrary("mydll.dll")
2. Free Dll
3. Load String from Dll
   LoadString(hIns, IDT_TEXT01,buff,sizeof(buff));
diplodocusAuthor Commented:
When you are using a new string by example "normal text" by "translated textasdasdsadasd" do you have to build another dialog to be sure that all text fit in it...

or just replace the text and that's it.
it resize automaticlly.

No , i make size of control to maximum.
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