CDROM 50X not so fast !

Hi guys.

I've installed 2 generic CDROM drives in two differente PCs. These are generic ones with different speeds (50X recenttly and 32X one year ago) and differente brands.

When they start reading the discs, you can hear they accelerating and "preparing" to read. Many times they suddenly stop and start accelerating again, and then, stop and start again, and so on. Sometimes they takes up to 1 minute to start reading normally.

But even then, suddenly stop and accelerate, and again and again. So, a 8X CDROM drive is faster because it keeps spinning all the time.

Is this normal?
Do I have to use a differente driver?
Stop using generic CDROM Drives?

Any help will be appreciated.
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Yes, it's normal.  The fast CDROMS spin down because they're so noisy when they run that customers complain.

No, a different driver won't help.  This is the way they work.  Once they spin up they are up to 50X.  But there is a lag time if you try to read when it's stopped or slowed.

Kenwood has a really nice drive that is a much better (but more expensive) system.  Rather than speed up the disk rpm, it adds more than one optical pickup.  So it can read data 2X at the same rpm as a single pickup drive.  This makes it's 50X model perform much better than a cheap one since the disk doesn't have to spin up to high speed.

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I find my Goldstar (LG electronics) 24x drive good since it seems it is reading while it is spinning up, and will fetch the disc index at low speed nearly immediately from stopped. It also downspeeds when it has a little trouble with an older or more scratched up disc and reads every format I have thrown at it so far. It also seem to spin up to top speed very quickly compared to some. So I recommend LG Goldstar drives from the good experience I have with mine. Many others I have used exhibit the same problems as you describe.

There is another theory as to why the manufacturers make them spin down, when 16x came out there was a bit of scaremongering about drives stretching out CDs due to them getting quite warm and spinning all the time at high speed, so it might not be just a noise issue. Some CDs are noisier than others too, if you get one that is just slightly unbalanced, such that you wouldn't notice at 2x or 4x, in a 36x drive it can vibrate your whole desk! Some drives notice this and speed down, some don't.


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nfernandAuthor Commented:
Thanks all of you for your answers.

Can I down the speed with a software? Do this help me with the variant speed?

Thank you.
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