Lotus Notes problem

I seem to have inadvertently done something that destroyed my computer's ability to log me on to Lotus Notes.  I am at work, and have a PC, with Windows 95.  This has never happened before!  TH\he ONLY thing that MAY have had caused my problem is this: just before I tried to get back into Lotus Notes, I deleted a few files from my company's remote server.  But NONE of the files I deleted had ANYTHING to do with Lotus Notes!  I do NOT know HOW to gte back into Lotus Notes.  When I try to get in, I get this screen:

"Choose file to be used as current User ID."

I haev tried just choosing a file at random, but nothing I do, no matter WHAT file I choose, EVER gets me back in to Lotus Notes.

(By the way, when I finally got inot this question field, the type size is FAR too SMALL!  It looks like 8-point type, & I CANNOT figure out  how to make it BIGGER!)

I await your help.
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I've read your case and you can try on some of my suggested solution.

1. The error message that you got actually means that the PC cannot locate your user.id file ( user is referring to your lotus notes login name , e.g. kennetx.id )

2. Normally , under your notes data directory ,you should see your user.id as well as your notes.ini files.

3. edit your notes.ini files, check " Directory=C:\user\user_name\notedata "
If it is wrong, change it.

4. And also check on the following, ammend it if wrong.

 " WinNTIconPath=C:\notesr4\w32 " 

I hope that this will resolves your problem.

Bye bye.

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Use the find utility within Win95 to search your C: drive for the file user.id if this is not found try *.id, another possibility is that your ID file is kept else where. A possibilitie is that it is in your Home directory on the server, if you cannot find it anywhere your Notes administrator can detach the original id file from when you were set up for Notes, if you can remember your original password the administrator may have kept a copy of this origanal password. Copy the file into c:\notes\data run notes goto file tools switch id and pick this file from the browser and enter your original notes password.

hope this helps
SP_fanAuthor Commented:
Thank you, "kennetx", for your help.  I had to have the WHOLE Lotus Notes program re-installed!  I still do not know how I could have deleted my ID file for Lotus Notes, but it no longer matters.  Obviously, my company really needs to change the program that contains the Lotus Notes ID file, so it is protected.  There was NO prompt that told me I was about to erase somethng important.
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