win95 explorer view

In win95 explorer the view option I prefer to see a list with details. This holds for a while, but frequently I get all of the icons instead of a list. Is there any way to lock this in?
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jaychrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Download 'PowerToys' (essentially TweakUI) from Microsoft.  This is a set of tools that contain little things to help you customize your machine.  Very simple to install.  MS explains it very well.

Within TweakUI, there is a tab called 'Explorer'.  Under 'Explorer' there is a heading called 'Settings'.  Under that heading, there is a check box called:

[] save window settings

Check that box and your explorer settings will be locked in.

I highly recommend PowerToys.  Lots of neat things to play with.
JackcobAuthor Commented:
jaychris' reply seems to have solved my problem, but it leads to another question. I downloaded "power toys" from Microsoft and in using TweakUI I was interested in 'Deskmenu'. It is helpful. However, on installation the icon appears in the small block on the right side of the taskbar where my clock, etc. are located and this is perfect, but it disappears from there when I reboot. How do I get it to stay there?
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I'm not sure I have observed this phenomemon before.  It seems simple, but have you tried rebooting again?

Is it the icon for desktop settings (looks like a little desk with a lamp or something)?
JackcobAuthor Commented:
I do get the lamp icon for deskmenu, but it won't stay in the taskbar. I worked around it by putting a shortcut in my desktop, but every time I open my computer I have to hit the shortcut to make the icon appear in the taskbar...any ideas???
Well...  it's been a while since I have used 95 (and installed TweakUI), but if I remember correctly, you need to do the following:

In the directory where PowerToys is installed, you should find 2 files for every "toy"... one of which is an ini (or dll or something).  Look for the "ini" file associated with the 'deskmenu'.

1.  Right-click on it.
2.  Scroll down to 'install'.
3.  Click on 'install'

This should install the Deskmenu item and it should appear on your taskbar permanently.

If you need more detailed instructions, I will try find a 95 machine to download PowerToys onto...

It sounds like it just needs to be installed.  TweakUI is only one part of PowerToys.  Deskmenu is another part that needs to be installed separately.
JackcobAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I was able to add the deskmate icon to my taskbar by moving a copy into the start up area.
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