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Sound blaster problem

  I'm new to NT and I'm having problems getting my sound card to work.  This is not an easy question to answer, because I've already looked in the help on getting it to work I've followed it to the dot but still no sound blaster.  First the sound card is a Sound Blaster 16 (ISA, important) and it is not detected win i try to add it as a sound card.  I know that the card works because I've used it in many doferent OSs but NOT in NT, I've used it in Linux, Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, and dos.  This sound card is the only ISA card I have, this must have something to do with it.  All the rest of my cards are PCI.  I tried the old trick, unplug and move the card to a different ISA slot, but that did not work.  Then I tried to change the BIOS functions, but that did not work eather.  Then I tried something new, I tried the software approch to it all I went into control panel and tied to Start the ISA PNP thing but it gave me an error messege.  If you could give some info on fixing this problen I'd be extreamly greatfull
1 Solution
For your case, there is something that you can do.

1. Please goto the control panel => then goto multimedia => then goto devices => Under the multimedia devices => check on the audio devices, you should have " Audio For Creative Sound Blaster 1X,Pro,16 " .

2. If you don't have this but others, please remove them off and add-in these.If you have Sound Blaster 16 or 32 , please delete them off as well. My suggestion is that to remove all devices and then re-add-in again. ( It works for me on NT4 )

3.One more thing, you can goto the windows registry , remove all the sound registry files as sometimes it may help.

4. As for the sound driver, you an goto the Creative Websites to download the driver at www.creaf.com 

I hope that I've provided will be useful to you. Bye Bye.


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