When i install something the computer says "A required .inf file could not be found." and when i try to run the program it says "Installiton error. Please reinstall from the CD." I need help for i can not fix it.
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kennetxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From what you had described, there are some point you may want to look upon.

1. When you say " you are installing something to the computer , what is "the something" ? Is it software that you are installing or is it the driver that you are installing ?

2. If you are installing driver for your hardware ( e.g. modem , video card , sound card ), you have to use the driver disk that are provided when you bought the hardware. Or , you could just simply let Win98 auto-install the driver.

3. Whenever you have such a situation whereby the computer prompted you for the missing file or a need to insert driver disk , please ensure that you have the correct driver or else your device to may work.

4. If it is the software you are installing giving you that problem, chances is that your Windows INF directory is corrupted. Only way to resolves this problem is to do a clean Win98 installation or if you have a backup of the Win 98 INF files , delete the problematic one and copy the flesh one.

I hope that I've provided some useful soultion to your question.
What are you trying to install?  Are you using Win98?
1stNEO, sorry for kennetx's post of a proposed answer. Techs here normally do not post questions in the form of answers. Kindly reject it and reopen the question and we will try and help you.
1stNEOAuthor Commented:
i do not under stand what you are saying about the installing a program are you tring to say to reinstall windows 95? if that's the case no way. besides someone else is working on it now and i will not work on anything he has worked with
Well hopefully Kennetx will return to help you, but don't count on it!
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